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Google has rebranded two of its services – now, everything based on Google’s cloud services including enterprise services and Chromebooks will be under the Google Cloud umbrella. Its group of apps that include Docs, Sheets, Hangouts, Drive, etc. is now called ‘G Suite’. This comes in line with Google’s announcement that it now has one billion active users accessing its cloud services, and the change is supposed to reflect the nature of the services.

For instance, Google had previously considered naming the cloud services platform as Google Enterprise, when Google consumers were reportedly unsure of Google’s commitment to enterprise users. But, as those questions have now been removed, simply naming the platform as Google Cloud made more sense, Ars Technica quoted Diane Greene, SVP for Google Cloud, as saying.

As for G Suite, the name is expected to reflect the collaborative nature that these apps promote within teams. Each of the products under G Suite, like Docs, Drive and Hangouts, facilitates easier teamwork within groups, and Google also intends to bring new features to further amplify the significance of this name.

The new features include machine learning and natural language processing to all of G Suite’s products. Docs will get the ability to refer to related documents, Calendar will get a more intelligent machine learning capability, and Drive can arrange files based on our meetings with co-workers. All of this combined reflect the push for machine learning in today’s technology, and the reliance on cloud-based collaboration for work.

It is this that Google wants to capture with the new names for its tried-and-tested services.



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