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There was once a time when a 32-inch TV was considered huge and today we have TVs that go beyond 60-inches. Different TV sizes serve different purposes these days. If you are looking to buy a TV, there are a variety of things to consider apart from the size. There is resolution, smart capabilities, connectivity options and much more. If you have decided that you want a 40-inch TV, then this is the list for you. A 40-inch TV is ideal for a small living room or a bedroom. Here is a list of 40-inch TVs for you to consider. 

Mi LED TV 4A PRO 108 cm (43) Full HD Android TV

The 43-inch Mi LED TV 4A Pro comes with a refresh rate of 60 hertz. The smart TV offers a smooth viewing experience and also offers content in 15 different languages. The TV comes with a remote equipped with a voice search feature which makes it easy to search for your favourite content with ease. Simply click on the microphone button and you can access your favourite shows, movies, etc. The voice search comes with Google Assistant integration. 

The TV has three USB as well as HDMI ports for multiple connectivity options. As for the maximum remote operating distance, it is 9 feet. With Google Assistant you can control all your smart appliances with the TV. 

Samsung 100 cm (40 Inches) Smart 7-in-1 Full HD Smart LED TV 

The Samsung 7-in-1 FHD smart TV has a 1080p resolution with a refresh rate of 60Hz which delivers a smooth viewing experience. The TV runs on Samsung’s Tizen OS which gives you access to streaming services natively from the TV. The TV also brings with it a portfolio of unique functions. To start with, you can use the TV as a personal computer by simply connecting a keyboard and mouse to it. You can cast content on to the TV, live from your smartphone. So, if you are out of town for a family function, you can stream the function back to the people at home. You can also watch content from your smartphone on the TV by simply mirroring your smartphone’s screen to the TV. You can use the TV as a personal cloud too. So when you come back home from a holiday, all your family photos and videos can be backed up to the TV wirelessly and automatically. 

Kodak 102 cm (40 inch) Full HD LED Smart TV  40FHDXSMART PRO (Black) (2019 Model)

This offering from Kodak comes with a 1920×1080 resolution. The TV runs on Android and supports auto power off which will help you save on your power bills if you leave the TV running and fall asleep. You can enjoy content from your smartphone on the TV by simply mirroring the smartphone screen on the television display. This is a great feature to help you share family photos and videos with everyone on the big screen. The TV has 20W of sound output which is enough to watch regular content and fill a small room with adequate sound. 

LG 108 cm (43 inches) 4K UHD Smart LED TV 43UM7290PTF 

If you are looking to get on the 4K bandwagon and don’t want a TV larger than 43-inches, then this LG TV is the one for you. It has three HDMI ports to connect devices like a set-top-box, blu-ray player, gaming console, and more. It also has 20W of sound output to enjoy everyday content. The display on the TV has an IPS panel which means the TV has wide viewing angles letting you watch the TV from a wider seating position maintaining accurate colours. The TV runs on LG’s Web OS and supports all popular streaming apps for your content streaming needs.



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