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Call of Duty: Mobile’s Shorty shotgun is now available to players. This is the second weapon players can earn in Season 5 following the CR-56 AMAX assault rifle that could be earned by reaching Tier 21 of the free Battle Pass. In order to unlock this weapon, however, players will have to complete the Sawed-Off Shenanigans Seasonal Event. 

As one might expect, The Seasonal Challenge tests the player’s ability with shotguns. As such, most of the missions feature the use of shotguns. Here’s a list of all the missions players will have to complete in order as well as the rewards they will get. 

  • Play any three matches in any mode: 200x Credits and 1000x Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 10 enemies with any shotgun: Backpack 1 – Helm, 2000x Battle Pass XP
  • Loot five shotguns in BR matches: 25x Weapon XP cards, 2000x Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 15 enemies with any shotgun equipped with the Amped perk: Echo shotgun – Helm, 3000x Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 20 enemies with any shotgun equipped with any Charm: Charm – Puffer Punk, 3000x Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 15 enemies with the BY15 shotgun equipped with any five attachments: Shorty shotgun, 4000x Battle Pass XP
  • Win 5 MP Matches with any Shorty equipped (The Shorty must be equipped in-hand at the end of the match: Rhinestone frame, 4000x Battle Pass XP

The Shorty is a double-barrel break-action sawed-off shotgun. However, what sets this weapon apart from the rest of the shotguns is the fact that it is a secondary weapon. As such players can carry it as a backup to an assault rifle, sniper, SMG or marksman rifle. They can even carry a primary shotgun if they want. As with any shotgun, the Shorty offers a very high level of damage at close range. In fact, the weapon can usually make extremely quick work of opponents in close quarters. However, this is balanced out with the fact that the weapon has very limited capacity. 



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