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Amazon Audio App:

Amazon has been working on an upcoming audio streaming service, which could be hitting the market soon. The leading tech giant has been speculated to be secretly building a live audio streaming feature that could rival Clubhouse and Twitter in the coming months. 

Amazon Audio App

A new report indicates that the company’s audio/ music division has been working on a new feature in the live audio category. It’s also speculated that the company has been working with podcast networks, musicians and celebrities closely on the project. It’s also been rumoured that Amazon is in talks with “Major record labels” to host live concerts and audio events in the near future.

The events have been laid out in a recent report by Axios. The report claims that Amazon wants to introduce a new feature on Amazon Music that will let its users gain access to live concerts and audio shows through their subscriptions. Essentially, the feature will work like a digital radio to “stream live concerts and shows”.

Amazon Audio App, a Clubhouse competitor?

Quoting a similar source with regards to Amazon’s plans, the report indicates that the upcoming feature will be centred on live music and concerts, for now. The company may also integrate these features with its own video streaming service ‘Twitch’. In the coming months, it is distinctly possible that it will include podcasts and talk shows within the service too. We really could be seeing another major player in the space with the resources and money to actually make it happen. 

Nevertheless, the idea is not to build a social audio app like  Clubhouse or Twitter’s Spaces but to stream live audio shows and concerts within its own platform. 


Amazon Audio App

Image Source- India Today

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